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Dr. Bradley James ThomsonAs a planetary geologist, I am interested in understanding the physical processes that have shaped the surfaces of the terrestrial planets, including impact, eolian, fluvial, lacustrine, and volcanic processes. I have endeavored to unravel the complex geologic histories of Mars, the Moon, and Venus using geologic mapping and geologic analysis with diverse types of remotely sensed data, including radar, optical, near-IR, thermal, and surface contact data. An overarching theme of my research is to constrain the nature and timing of physical processes in ancient planetary environments, particularly the drivers of planetary-scale climate change. I have also employed terrestrial analogs to provide greater insight into planetary processes. Furthermore, I have developed numerous pieces of custom-built software (particularly in MATLAB) to facilitate my research.

My research group, MARVEL (Mars, Venus, and Luna), consists of a diverse group of individuals with many perspectives and identities. We value diversity of thought and person, and we strive to maintain a climate of equity and justice demonstrated by respect for one another.